Decorating any room in your home can be a challenge, especially if you are on a budget. One of the top ways to update a room in a hurry without spending a lot of money is to step up the color scheme. The idea of choosing colors can really intimidate so many home decorators, but if you can dress your kids without them getting stares at the shopping mall, you can do this!

To bring your room up to date, it’s a good plan to have an idea of what colors are trending for 2011. Luckily, this year there is something for everyone! Here are the favorites for the upcoming year…

  • Pinks and corals- Bright, feminine colors are the “it” color for this year, but guys, don’t panic! These colors are intense, but they are best used in small doses as accents to add a pop of style to a room.  If that’s still too much to take, no worries… we have plenty more trending colors to choose from.
  • Deep colors with a vintage feel- One color trend is taking us a bit back into the past… and add an elegant feel to a room. Deep plums and violets, rich warm greens, berries, bronze gold and deep browns will be the key for this color trend. Think about this palette for a master bedroom or a formal living space.
  • Natural colors- I don’t think this trend will go away anytime soon; we always love those colors that connect us with nature because they are nurturing. Think fresh vegetables with great mellow oranges, greens and earthy browns. Love those greens and blues? Try them in a pearl finish for a fresh look. Great for any room, but especially in a kitchen.
  • Tribal colors- Our love of diverse cultures shows through in the tribal color trend for home décor.  Indigo blues, deep browns (are you seeing a trend that transcends all the palettes?) and warm oranges and reds will dominate this theme. Great for rooms where you need a cozy, wrap yourself in warmth kind of feel.

Easy, budget ways to bring today’s color trends into any room

Bringing today’s color trends into your rooms isn’t difficult, or expensive. Here are some great ideas for stepping up your color quotient!

  • Add your new color into the room with accents, instead of doing a whole makeover. Replace picture mats, candles, and decorative dishes with items in your chosen hue. Try to make sure they are distributed evenly throughout the room for a balanced look.
  • Use fabric to add color to your room. New pillow covers, throws or placemats can make instant impact.
  • Cover old boring lampshades with handmade colored paper and a glue gun, or just add a ribbon trim to the top and bottom edges.
  • Ok, this may be an obvious one, but paint! Paint one wall, or a key piece of furniture to totally transform the feeling of a room. Or paint the insides of open cupboards or bookshelves, or consider painting the ceiling!  Make sure to bring in a few accents in your new color as well.

Home décor color trends are not so mysterious, and they don’t require a total redo! Find a great new modern hue, pick an easy way to add it your room, and bring that trendy, modern feel into your home, without spending a fortune!

By Kathy Woodard, The Budget Decorator

on Saturday, April 30, 2011

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